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New functionality added to the “database export” command. (Beta version) (152192)

The EPDFSHX system variable is introduced also in SOFiCAD OEM. (151659)


Hatch with help of Polygons available again. (148410,148218,148685,149177)

Steelwork: Creation of “Plan view” and “3D” view types of steel profiles possible again. (148121,149935)

Steel List command works properly now also in Layout area when Spacers and prefabricated untis in a multiplier area are. (150094)

Correct values written on rebar legs when “Round down part lengths” from “Parameter / Rebar2” activ is.

If SOFiCAD is installed over AutoCAD Architekture / MEP / Civil 3D it will open aftewards with the correct version of AutoCAD. (150616)

The problem with the creation of data base .mdb file in SOFiCAD OEM 2018 solved.

Warning text improved by adding the names of the rebar styles which don’t have all label style assigned. (149544)

The label for couplers is now also automaticaly generated and assigned to the rebar style if the drawing does not contain one.

The behaviour of the coordinate system is now corrected when drawing a section line. (150095,148306,148906,151032,153021)

Base point for dimensions corrected while the UCS is used. (148739,150075,152813,152885,153798)

Corrected leg length for rebars with hooks when “Bar length from axis length” activ is. (147929)

Documentation is now available also without internet connection. (136484)

Label for profile copy will now remain correct assigned after closing the Info/Edit window with OK button. (144691,144091,149927,142971,151971,153029,153217,153336,153029,153089)