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A new testing command SOF_B_CHECKING. (137821)


The project browser window is able to be closed permanently. (137184,138103,139102,139613)

The JPG format can be used as logos in report browser. (136836)

The printer can be adjusted in report browser. (137768)

An error comes up if a letter has been entered for the concrete cover. (114924,135902)

The command ‘stretch’ moves only the selected elements. (137858)

The prefix will not be doubled. (137889)

The angel for layings will not cause a crash anymore. (138617,138682)

The delta value will be calculated correctly in the compact table. (139010)

The rotated variable laying is able to be divided. (137134)

The viewport will not work as multiplier for the mounting parts table. (135977,138396)

The copy through clipboard did not work sometimes. (139294)

General improvements for SOFiCAD-S. (138154,137953)

The command copy has been improved. (136936)

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